What Brings Us Joy

For the month of April, we focused on happiness and emotional well-being by reflecting on what makes us happy. A common theme among our team members was spending quality time with family and friends, getting outdoors, and staying active.  Read below to learn more about what brings joy to some of our team members.

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Baking and sharing with my coworkers.

Sonya B.Spectralytics

Doing random acts of kindness to make someone else’s day.

Anonymousrms Company

I like cooking; I'm always happy to cook for my kid.


Seeing my mom smile makes me really happy.


Spending quality time with my family and watching my daughter discover the world.

Brian B.QTS

I really enjoy going camping with my family and making lasting memories! Fur baby included!

Nicole F.Meier

I enjoy reading a good suspenseful thriller type book and LOVE spending time with my grandkids!

Sharon A.Spectralytics

I find I’m most centered on a long, early morning run. I like to catch the sun rise while out on the trail.

Anonymousrms Company

What brings happiness to me is quiet time. It helps me clear and sooth my mind, almost like meditation. If the stormy ocean is a hectic day, a calm wave, blue sky day is my happiness.


I dance at least a couple times a week, whether it’s just turning on music and moving or taking a virtual dance class, I always find happiness through dance.

Natalie G.Cretex Companies

Traveling! My family loves warm weather destinations! Arizona is at the top of our list for the last few years. We get to visit family, hike mountains and lounge by the pool when we visit.

Amy B.JunoPacific

Enjoying the flowers in my garden always makes me happy, and spending time on my patio or screen porch does too.

MaryBeth S.Cretex Companies

I like to do crafts and upcycle old furniture. I volunteer at a thrift store once a month where I find a lot of things to upcycle. I have a vacation planned to Myrtle Beach in May which I'm very excited about!

Rhonda M.Spectralytics

I find happiness in waking up each morning with a sense of purpose and going to bed each night with a sense of accomplishment. I find it while remaining present and focusing on moments of gratitude.

Alex J.rms Company

My boys and my dogs make me happy. When you combine them with the North Shore of MN, I am even happier! Our favorite place to go and unwind and find peace is the North Shore.

Laura J.QTS

I find happiness in decorating and designing my house every few years, this year is very exciting as I get to decorate and design a brand-new house, just waiting for the builder to finish.


Something that I do to find happiness is self-care. I like to do hair masks, face masks, body scrubs, drink lots of water and tea and take vitamins. It makes me feel good inside and out and is a way I take care of my body and skin. (:

Victoria S.JunoPacific

Sensory activities / Sitting on the dock with my feet in the water "feeling" the ripple of the waves, while "watching" the sunrise," tasting" freshly brewed coffee, and "listening" to the call of the loons. Oh, and I need a book.

Candace J.QTS

I make time to go and see live music events, usually groups from my youth. It brings back memories of the time/place in my life when I first heard them. At smaller venues it's fun to feel the energy between the musical group and the audience.

Anonymousrms Company

I love trying new crafts! I may not be very good at most of them, but it is fun to try new things. My two latest projects were a crochet basket and a stained-glass piece.


I try to learn new things/skills. Typically, technology-related but not always. I also like to go kayaking with a group of friends. It's an excellent way of taking my mind off stressful activities and provides some much-needed time outdoors.

Tim C.Spectralytics

We are having a White Elephant Gift Day soon. I was surprised how good it felt to be gathering and wrapping gifts for others. Whether it was just getting a few things out of the house or knowing others will enjoy using or get a chuckle from opening them. It was fun and felt good. Giving, is very possibly underrated.


I crochet, read books, and do puzzles or play video games for my "me time." My favorite holiday is Halloween so every year we have a family event we call pumpkin day and do carvings make Halloween themed food and deserts. All of this makes me happy!


Something that makes me happy is spending time with my fiancé and stepdaughter, we like to travel and lose ourselves in San Francisco or Monterey, often times when it’s just me I like to color, figure out puzzles or play video games and unwind after a long day. I love snuggling with my Shih Tzu as well. or spending quality time with my parents or sister.

Jonathan G.JunoPacific

There are many things that make me happy. The health and happiness of my family makes me extremely happy. I do take time for myself and my health by practicing yoga regularly which makes me and my heart happy. The hope of spring and the beautiful sunshine has helped everyone seem to be happier and with the recent events of the world seeing and hearing the happiness in others is wonderful!


At work, it feels great when my work is valued and I feel like I'm making a difference. Outside of work, it's really satisfying to meet fitness goals and being able to do things I used to not be able to do. When I travel, I also love to challenge myself by doing things like skiing down challenging runs, hiking on difficult trails, learning how to surf, and of course spending time with family and friends and discovering delicious new cuisines!


I recently was able to visit my grandma in Arizona and then during the same trip, visit my mom in Idaho! I felt so lucky to see them both in the same week, which brought me a lot of happiness. It also doesn’t hurt that they live in such beautiful states! We saw many expansive landscapes, enjoyed the sunshine in Arizona, and smelled the beautiful pine trees of Idaho. It was such a nice and fulfilling vacation.

Sarah T.QTS

Happiness for me is surrounding myself with people who love and support me unconditionally, can make me laugh, and allow me to be my authentic self. It's also moments where I can be alone and present, focusing on the enjoyment and intentions of whatever I am doing or simply not doing anything at all. And of course, breakfast foods, endless coffee/tea, and cuddles with my fur babies will always bring me happiness.

Hailey P.QTS