Caregiver Resources

All of our employees live busy lives between work and home responsibilities. However, when you add in the responsibility of caring for others, such as an elderly parent or a special needs child, it can feel overwhelming. There are resources available to help. Outlined below are resources that you can take advantage of to assist you in navigating these sometimes difficult situations.

Cretex Resources

As a current Cretex employee, you have access to several resources as part of your benefits package.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) administered by Lincoln
  • Be Well Clinic operated by Marathon Health (on-site at rms, Coon Rapids location)
  • Cretex Cares
  • Nurse Navigators provided by HealthPartners

More details and contact information for the programs listed above can be found on the Be Well homepage.

Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace

Self Care Resources

Caregiver Stress: Tips for Taking Care of Yourself

Caring for a loved one strains even the most resilient people. If you’re a caregiver, take steps to preserve your own health and well-being.

Taking Care of Yourself

Caregivers who pay attention to their own physical and emotional health are better able to handle the challenges of supporting someone with mental illness.

Friends’ Health Connection Podcast

Friends gather to discuss health and wellness in order to inspire and educate one another. 

Caregiver Depression: A Silent Health Crisis

A conservative estimate reports that 20% of family caregivers suffer from depression, twice the rate of the general population. Early attention to symptoms of depression may help to prevent the development of a more serious depression over time.

10 Ways to Prevent Caregiver Depression

It’s important to understand that depression, anxiety and other mood disorders aren’t an inevitable part of providing care. There are ways protect your mental health and stave off caregiver depression.

Office on Women’s Health: Caregiver Stress

Women especially are at risk for the harmful health effects of caregiver stress. These health problems may include depression or anxiety. There are ways to manage caregiver stress.

Caring for the Caregiver

Being a caregiver to someone you love may mean helping with daily activities such as going to doctor’s visits or preparing food. It can also be coordinating care and services or offering emotional support. But during this time, it’s important that caregivers take care of themselves too.

Coping with Caregiver Stress & Burnout

If caregivers aren’t careful, they can jeopardize their own health and well-being. Still, there are steps you can take to limit caregiver stress and burnout and, also, reclaim a sense of balance, joy, and hope in your life.

How to Cope with the Stress of Caring for Aging Parents

Social support is key for caregivers who are prone to feeling isolated as a result of caregiving. Cognitive reframing is a helpful skill for translating challenging circumstances into positive ones.

Financial and Other Resources Caregiver Support

As a caregiver for a parent, spouse, or child with special needs, you may need help. These resources and suggestions can help you find emotional and task support.

Caregiver Action Network (CAN)

CAN is the nation’s leading family caregiver organization working to improve the quality of life for the more than 90 million Americans who care for loved ones with chronic conditions, disabilities, disease, or the frailties of old age.

Caregiver Support: Senior Care Resources

Home care resources and expertise to help make life as a family caregiver a little easier, a little less stressful, a little more manageable.

AARP’s Family Caregiver Resource Guides

AARP created state caregiver resource guides to help family caregivers access key programs, services and agencies in their community.

Search and connect to support. Financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost help starts here.

The National Alliance for Caregiving

A non-profit coalition of national organizations who share a vision of a society that values, supports and empowers family caregivers to thrive at home, work and life.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: Resources for Caregivers

Across HHS, our agencies provide resources for caregivers who take care of an aging, seriously ill, or disabled family member or friend. Learn more about being a caregiver and locate resources.

Special Topics and Communities

Alzheimer’s Caregiving

Learn how to respond to changes in communication and behavior, provide everyday care, and get help when needed.

One Parent

There are more than 320 million children growing up in single-parent homes today. Through financial assistance, counselling and on-the-ground support, we empower single parents and their kids to live healthy, dignified and fulfilling lives.

Resources for Military Spouses

As a spouse, you manage the unique challenges of military life. You may take on new roles. You adapt to new schedules. Let Department of Defense resources help you and your family thrive.

Child Mind Institute

Find education and resources to find care or learn more about common topics like ADHD, anxiety, and learning disorders for parents of children, teens and young adults.

Support Groups

Verywell Health: Caregiver Support Groups

One factor, found to improve the overall wellbeing of caregivers, is the benefit of attending regular support group meetings. This article provides information on caregiver support groups to help you find one that’s right for you.

FCA: Connecting Caregivers

Family Caregiver Alliance facilitates and sponsors several types of support groups, both in person and online.

A Place for Mom: Best Caregiver Support Groups

If you’re responsible for caring for an elderly loved one, caregiver support groups are a way for you and other caregivers to share your experiences, which can include information, insight, advice, or words of encouragement.

Anoka County (MN) Caregiver Connection

Find information on in-person or virtual support groups, forums, and caregiver tools class for those caring for seniors.

Hennepin County (MN) Senior Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiver support groups, facilitated by our licensed Social Workers, offer a safe place for caregivers to learn from one another by sharing experiences, challenges, coping strategies, and humor. The goal is to help caregivers care for themselves through education and empowerment.


12 Books to Read If You’re an Adult Caregiver

Becoming a caregiver for your parents can lead to questions and uncertainties about how to navigate this new normal. Caregiver books may provide that assistance.

Top Books for Caregiver Advice and Support

We rounded up a dozen top books for caregivers that cover helpful caregiving advice, practical tips, and strategies for managing stress, getting help, and finding ways to care for yourself.

Best Books for Caregivers

As a busy caregiver, you need all the help you can get. These 10 highly recommended books for caregivers offer practical advice for caring for aging parents, emotional support, humor and some simple ways to practice self-care or spend quality time with your loved one.