Physical Activity

Physical well-being means having good health and the energy to accomplish tasks. Research shows that those who are physically active are likely to live longer, healthier lives.

Physical activity can lead to many benefits:

  • Weight maintenance
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Improved glucose regulation
  • Stronger bone density

In addition, a person who has hypertension, diabetes or a history of smoking can greatly benefit from including regular physical activity into his or her daily routine.

Simple Activity Tracking Tools

Keeping track of your physical activity goals can be made easy and fun by using simple and free tools! The Be Well team has created some simple tracking tools to help you on your journey. Download these materials or utilize some of the free apps shared below to help keep you on track and set you up for success!

Physical Fitness Apps

It can be fun to track activity or have a little guidance from the experts. Check out one or more of the following apps in your app store to see if they can help you along your physical fitness journey!

MyFitnessPal App Logo

MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter

Track progress toward your nutrition, water, fitness, and weight loss goals with MyFitnessPal. This all-in-one food tracker and health app is like having a nutrition coach, meal planner, and food diary with you at all times.

MyFitnessPal isn’t another restrictive diet app. This is a health app to help you learn about your habits … see how you eat … make smarter food choices … find motivation & support … and conquer your health goals.

FitOn app icon

FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans

Lose weight and get fit anytime, anywhere with free exercise videos and personalized workout plans. Get fit, feel great, and start working out for free today!

Stay active, reduce stress, and feel good with unlimited access to free workouts and meditations. Get your sweat on with celebrity trainers and read articles on how to take care of yourself both mentally and physically.

Nike Training Club App Icon

Nike Training Club: Fitness

Nike Training Club goes way beyond the workout. Strengthen your muscles and your mindset with free guidance from your favorite trainers, athletes and wellness experts.

Workout with a wide selection of workouts and Programs, get motivated with our Nike Trainers and gain tips for complete wellness. From home workouts to healthy recipes — strengthen both your mind and body with world-class personal trainers and wellness experts.

Nike Run Club App Icon

Nike Run Club: Running Coach

From expert coaches to an incredible community – the Nike Run Club running app has what you need to start running, keep running, and enjoy running more. Guided Runs, Training Plans, pace tracker, running log, GPS distance tracker and more await.

Apple Health App Icon

Apple Health

The Apple Health app provides a central and secure place for your health and fitness information, so it’s easily accessible and under your control.

Google Fit App Icon

Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Get to a healthier and more active life with the new Google Fit!

It’s hard to know how much or what kind of activity you need to stay healthy. That’s why Google Fit collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to bring you Heart Points, an activity goal that can help improve your health.